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A wide offering of various nuts


Product type
Walnut Pieces
From £1.95
Save 27%
Macadamia Pieces
From £2.25 £3.10
Sold Out
Pine Nuts
From £5.80
Walnut Halves
From £2.60
9 Nut Mix
From £14.99
Pecan Pieces
From £3.99
Sold Out
Sold Out
Brazil Nuts
From £2.90
Save 8%
Chopped Pistachios
From £21.85 £23.85
Sold Out
Whole Hazelnuts
From £2.95
Macadamia Nuts
From £4.90
Save 14%
Sold Out
Sold Out
Sold Out
Peanut Butter
From £7.10
Sold Out
Baked 4 Nut Mix
From £4.75
Sold Out
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