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Introducing RealFoodBulk

Part of the RealFoodSource family of products that you already know and love... but in bulk pack sizes!

We understand first hand the challenges of launching a small food business. That was where we began back in 2011 when we launched RealFoodSource, filling every available space we had with boxes of products!

We have since grown and expanded rapidly, but to keep the needs of small food businesses and community enterprises firmly in mind, we're stepping up a gear to offer you even more!

Bulk ingredients at the best possible prices, delivered fast and free, in low quantities to best suit your needs.

Simplifying Your Service...

We have worked closely with small businesses to understand what frustrates you most about the current wholesale market and what you most need when it comes to sourcing your trade ingredients.

NO complicated trade terms
NO minimum orders
NO shipping costs
NO lengthy delivery timeframes

We are passionate about helping small food business and community enterprises get set to thrive, so we will of course keep listening and evolving to meet your needs as well as we possibly can.

Quantities To Suit You

By eliminating a minimum order threshold and any additional shipping costs combined with a same day dispatch service… we are able to respond to the evolving needs and last minute requirements of a small food business. Our aim is to provide what you need, as you need it, so you don’t find yourself with excess stock or lack of space for storage.

Need Smaller Packs?

For 'sample sizes' of any of our bulk ingredients, you can head over to RealFoodSource and purchase any ingredient in a 1kg pack size. This makes it easy to experiment with products as part of your development process without the worry of wastage or unnecessary costs.

Quality Assurance

As part of RealFoodSource, we also have Organic and SALSA certifications for your assurance on quality. We simply source superb real foods from around the world and make them available to you at the best possible prices online.