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Natural Sultanas

Best Before Date: 30/09/2024

  • Our Delicious Sweet, Juicy Sultanas
  • An Excellent Healthy Snack
  • Perfect For Adding to Homemade Muesli, Porridge, Flapjacks, Cakes, Breads and Scones!

Our delicious golden brown soft, plump sultanas are sweet, moist and juicy.  They are an excellent healthy snack and a great source of iron. Please note they also contain a small amount (less than 0.5%) of sunflower oil to prevent clumping.

Suggested uses:

Sultanas are excellent for adding to homemade muesli, porridge, cereals, flapjacks, cookies, scones and other baked goods. Also great to naturally sweeten raw energy bars, with our dark chocolate or in homemade trail mixes with our nuts. Alternatively snack on straight from the bag!


99.5% Sultanas, 0.5% Sunflower oil

May contain traces of milk, nuts, peanuts and soya

Typical values per 100g:

Energy 1171 KJ / 275 Kcal

Total Fat(g) 0.4 of which saturates(g) 0.06, Protein(g) 2.7, Carbohydrates(g) 69.4 of which sugars(g) 69.4, Fibre(g) 2.0, Salt(g) 0.02

Country of Origin: Turkey