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Organic Cocoa Nibs

Best Before Date: 31/01/2024

This product is sold against specification, please review the product specification for full details prior to purchase.
  • Great Tasting Raw Criollo Cocoa/Cacao Nibs
  • Adds a Natural Bitter Crunch to Cookies and other Baked Goods
  • Perfect for Homemade Snack Mixes for all the Raw Cacao Goodness or for Simply Nibbling Straight Out the Bag!
  • Cocoa/Cacao is Rich in Plant Poly-phenols, Specifically Flavonoids, Which Have Antioxidant Properties
  • Cocoa/Cacao also Contains Minerals including Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc

These are our wonderful cocoa/cacao nibs from Peru. Produced from the great tasting criollo variety of cocoa bean, the beans are simply cracked and winnowed (shells removed) leaving the raw nibs. Cocoa/cacao is rich in plant poly-phenols. Polyphenols are a group of plant-based micronutrients and Cacoa is classified as a flavonoid within the Polyphenols group. These flavonoids have antioxidant properties, in other words, they contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Cocoa/cacao also contains minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc.

A note on the difference on cocoa and cacao – there is none! Raw food marketers unfortunately promote the idea that cocoa is roasted and processed while cacao is raw and super healthy. In Europe we have a cocoa industry, trading cocoa beans and cocoa products. Elsewhere they trade in cacao. It is commonly held that a historic misspelling of the word cacao resulted in the anglicized word cocoa being used in the UK and parts of Europe. To avoid confusion we now label our products as cocoa/cacao.  We sell both roasted and “raw” cocoa/cacao products.

 * Please note that as transit temperatures are out of our control, we are unable to offer compensation for melted products *

Suggested uses:

Great for adding a natural bitter crunch to cookies and other baked goods, or for simply nibbling if you like a raw bitter cocoa taste snack!


100% Organic Peruvian Raw Cocoa/Cacao Nibs

May contain traces of milk, nuts, peanuts and soya

Typical values per 100g:

Energy 2416kJ/577kCal

Total Fat(g) 51.6 of which saturates(g) 30.3, Carbohydrates(g) 6.0 of which sugars(g) 1.5, Fibre(g) 23.4, Protein(g) 12.8, Salt(g) < 0.01

Country of Origin: Peru

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