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Organic Onion Powder

Best Before Date: 31/03/2026

  • Our Delicious Organic Onion Powder From Ground, Dehydrated (Dried) Onions
  • An Intensely Flavoured Ingredient that Saves the Tears from Chopping Onions!
  • Very Versatile, Easy to Blend and Great for Use in Salt Rubs or Spice Mixes
  • Easily Add it to Soups, Stews and Even Doughs or Create the Perfect Marinade

Our organic onion powder has a deep, typical onion aroma and is ideal for when you desire the flavour of onion without the texture and without the risk of tears when chopping one up!  Made from ground, dehydrated (dried) organic onions that blend very easily. This versatile powder is intensely flavoured and should be used sparingly as to not overpower your dish. Onion powder is also great mixed with salt to create a delicious onion salt rub to marinade.  Alternatively create your own spice blend with our other herbs and spices.


100% Organic Onion (Dried, ground Onion/Allium cepa

May contain traces of celery, gluten, milk, mustard, nuts, peanuts, sesame, soya and sulphites.

Typical Values per 100g:

Energy 1353kJ/320kcal

Fat(g) 2.7 of which saturates(g) 0.6, Carbohydrates(g) 50.8 of which sugars(g) 39.1, Fibre(g) 19.7, Protein(g) 13.6, Salt(g) 0.2

Country of Origin: Egypt